We recognise that many of our buyers come to us from overseas markets. These buyers comprise foreign nationals, as well as expatriate Australians preparing to return home after careers spent overseas. Premium suburbs in Melbourne continue to attract strong interest particularly from China, and because of that we’ve set up a presence in Beijing to tap into these buyers on behalf of our vendors, and we work closely with migration agencies to streamline the process of moving to Australia.Our company is a proud member of the Australia China Business Council and has a presence on the website, the most integrated platform to connect your property with Chinese buyers.We take a truly international view and understand very clearly that the world has changed, and property marketing needs to extend beyond the borders of Melbourne. We cast the net wide to attract the best buyer for your home. Our relationships with international buyers have been built over time and we have strategic alliances in place to tap into not only wealthy migrants choosing to call Australia home, but Australians returning home. We’d be happy to explain the benefits to you when we meet.