Public Auction

It’s true that Melbourne enjoys a reputation as the Auction capital of Australia, if not the world! It’s part of the fabric of our inner city real estate market, and for certain types of property it’s an incredibly successful way to sell. We believe very strongly in it because it brings buyers and sellers together on a set date and creates a sense of urgency to determine the true market value of a property. There’s no pre-set asking price. It generally follows a three to four week marketing campaign where our team’s focus is on marketing your property, and encouraging genuine buyers to participate on auction day to maximize your result. Remember when committing to an auction campaign, it doesn’t prevent you from selling prior to the date set however, and we have a track record of getting results for our vendors prior to auction day. We’re practical though, and if by chance your property does fail to sell at auction, we’ll have a strategy ready to go to ensure a quick and successful result that leverages from the momentum of your campaign. It’s important to recognize that being a part of an auction campaign can sometimes be an emotional roller-coaster ride, but that’s why we’re there to help you through the process.