Selling tips

Let’s face facts. Life is busy and sometimes it’s difficult to keep your home in tiptop shape. The decision to sell may happen quickly and you may stress about not being ready, or able to prepare your property adequately for a campaign in a short amount of time. We have known potential vendors to opt out of the chance to sell their property because the effort required to ‘present it to market’ seemed overwhelming. So we’re here to help you. We are specialists at preparing your home for sale. Getting the presentation of your home right can add many thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, to your final result. We’re well connected with local tradespeople and stylists who can have your home ready for market in no time. Having our service providers take a look at your home is a free service. You can decide on your level of investment and what you’d like proceed with after you’ve had a chat with our extended team.

When you engage Follett & Co. to sell your home, we like to view the task as a team effort to get you the result you’re after. Equally as important as getting the advertising right, and the house looking smart, is the ambience that you can help us create in the home. Neat, clutter-free homes are more appealing to buyers and the following thought starters are also worth considering on open days.

Helping us help you!

  • Is the temperature right? Does the air conditioning or heating need to be on?
  • Are all the lights on, including bedside lamps?
  • Is the air in the home fresh? If last night’s cooking odours are still evident, consider a fragrant candle or doors and windows open prior to you leaving your home before we arrive to open it to the public.
  • Have you put the pet bed away? And the children’s toys?
  • Can some ambient music be left on for atmosphere?
  • If your home has a spa, can it be left on for the inspection?

We can talk through your individual circumstances and expand on this list. Of course, we’ll switch everything off before we leave, and set these items up if you haven’t or are unable to, but often having an hour or two to freshen up a home prior to an inspection can really help buyers emotionally connect with your property. We’d prefer to spend every moment we can with your buyers getting them excited about your home! It’s a team effort, and it’s a little bit of how you can help us get you the result you’re after.